Ulti-Mech for your car

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Our services

Ulti-Mech offers a complete range of car servicing options, designed to suit. In every case, you'll know in advance exactly how much the service will cost. If additional work is required you'll be notified and no extra work will be commenced without approval.

Car servicing is carried out to ensure that your car operates reliably and efficiently and is maintained to maximise the life span of the vehicle.

Avoiding your regular car service leads to undue stress on vehicle components which can in turn lead to expensive and inconvenient breakdowns. A mechanical failure on the open road can have devastating consequences, especially if a critical part of the braking, steering or suspension is involved. That's where Ulti-Mech come in.

Our services include:

  •     Mine Specs
  •     Maintenance Service
  •     Lube Service
  •     Automatic Transmission Service
  •     Air Conditioning Service
  •     Accessory Fitment
  •     Suspension
  •     Brake Service
  •     Manufacturers Handbook Service
  •     Fleet Management

Car Air Conditioning Service 
The Air Conditioner is not always included in a standard log book service, so it can be easily neglected.
However in saying that a regular vehicle service always checks the obvious faults which are associated with Air Conditioning systems operating below expected demands. Ulti-Mech are experts in maintaining your car air conditioning.